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Hi, I am Kaitlyn.  This is all about me.  This is my first experience blogging.  I love to cook, part of the reason I did a blog on baking.  One after school activity I do is Speech and Debate.    I think it is excellent that we are doing blogging. I love music. Therefore, I am in both band(trumpet) and choir at school.  After school, I do both dance and piano.  My favorite food is steak and peppers(bell).  My favorite flavor of ice cream is Buckeye Blitz.   My favorite book series is Harry Potter. For that reason, last summer my family went to Universal Studieos  Another great book series I like is Percy Jackson.

I go to a middle school in Kentucky.  My favorite subject is social studies. I also love geography.  I love sewing.  My favorite part is picking out fabric.  My great-grandparents were immigrants from Italy.  I have two little sisters.   Last year I created a website for taking care of nature. I think zebras are cute.  My least favorite color is yellow.  My favorite colors is light pink and light blue.   As a summer treat, I enjoy yellow watermelon. Some day I want to create great quality goods.   I want my baked goods to be original.  My least favorite part of math is ratios.  I am xenodochial .  This is all about me.  


A- About

B- Blogging

C- Cook

D- Dance

E- Excellent

F- Fabric

G-  Geography

H- Harry Potter

I- Immigrants

J- Jackson

K-  Kentucky

L- Little

M- Music

N- Nature

O- Original

P- Piano

Q- Quality

R- Ratios

S- Speech and Debate

T- Trumpet

U- Universal

W-  Watermelon

X- Xenodocial

Y- Yellow

Z-  Zebra


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  1. Kaitlyn,
    I tried to flip this post to the #16stubc magazine but it wouldn’t allow it. This is usually to do with reading settings in your blog not allowing search engines.

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