All About Communities

Chicago, 2016

              Greg Wass via Compfight


Hi guys!  What is a community?  You might be in a community, or you might want to join a community.  Many of us think of a community as your city or town, or maybe your school.  Communities are not just that, but include sports groups, clubs, and much more.  I am going to tell you the pros and cons of joining a community and how to join one.

Joining a community has its pros and cons.  Even though it may not be for every one, joining a community is really fun.  Some pros of joining a community are you may meet new friends.  A community is a great place to make friends.  There might be people in there who come your friend for life.  Another pro of joining a community is that you learn some important life skills.  You will learn to use collaboration and communication.  A con of joining a community is that you may not agree with every bodies opinion.  Another con is that your opinion might not always get included.

If you are interested in joining a community, you just need to find one you are interested in.    My suggestion to find a community near you is to look at local webpages.   School, city, and local organizations are a good place to start.  There are communities for everything.  A group meeting at a local building not your style?  There are also online communities.  If you still don’t know where to find a community for, ask someone if they know any communities that you can join.  If you are going to a school, ask a teacher.  Schools lots of times have many different clubs or sports.

I hope you now know the pros and cons of joining a community, and now want to join one.

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