Fun Facts About the United States

The Star-Spangled Banner (Monument Valley, USA) 


The country I live in has some pretty amazing features.  Here are a 10 fun facts about the United States.

  1. The United States has a total of 50 states.  8475712914_241e823acf_q
  2. 80% of the land in Nevada is owned by the government.
  3. There is an official rock paper scissors league in the U.S.
  4. There are more public libraries than McDonalds.
  5. About 20 million Americans live in mobile homes.
  6. The U.S. has no official language.
  7. Bananas is the most popular fruit in the U.S.
  8. There is a town called Big Ugly in West Virginia, USA.
  9. 10% of all U.S. companies go out of business each year.  Clear Plastic Bag 
  10. 90% of plastic bags don’t get recycled in the U.S.

I really enjoy living in the United States.  It is an amazing place to live in with it’s many riches.  Here is the site where I got my facts from. Factslides


Credits- Map- Found on flicker by Joe Wolf, Plastic Bag- Pekka Nikrus via Compfight, Flag-  Thibaut Fleuret via Compfight

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