My Story – Student Blogging Challenge #3, Activity 4

            A Hot Day

  It was a hot August day in Utah, when me and my sister, Amy, decided to go rock climbing at Bryce Canyon.

“Hurry up, Chris.  At the pace your going, we will be there by Christmas.” said Amy.

“Coming Amy.” I replied.  I grabbed the rest of my rock climbing gear.

When we got there, the guide gave a breakdown on what areas were safe and which were not.

As we were leaving, the guide said,”Make sure to watch your footing.  You do not want to break your leg.”  As we were starting, Amy wasn’t sure if we were okay to go in this spot.

“We’re fine.  I’ve been in this spot a bunch and never gotten hurt.” I said.

Everything was fine until I wasn’t looking at lost my footing.  I heard a crack and felt instant pain in my foot.

“Amy?  I think I broke my foot.” I said.

” You broke your foot?  What should I do? I can’t drag you up, and I can’t leave you here alone.” Amy said, sounding scared.  Not answering her, I didn’t know what she should do.  How was I going to get help?

Now, create your own ending to the story.  Tell me what happened to Amy and Chris.  Be creative and have fun!

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